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Understanding and consideration of patient’s personal expectations is our motto. In order to establish a good, harmonious cooperation between the patient, the doctor and the dental technician, we recommend a consultation visit. It takes place in pleasant, stress-free conditions in a consultation room (outside the dental chair). During the visit, the attending dentist presents and explains the basic principles of the recommended treatment. The purpose, sequence of treatment duration, costs, limitations, prognosis and possible alternative treatment are also determined.

Dentist in Wrocław - STARS★dent

Dental Clinics offers a dental care program for employees of your company. It is dedicated to employers who are aware of profits and benefits resulting from taking care of their own and their employees’ health.

Stays of 7-14 days. We provide professional medical care, comprehensive treatment conditions, good location in the centre of Wrocław on the route from the airport

What is the difference between in-office teeth whitening and overlay teeth whitening?

Our philosophy

“Passion breeds professionalism,
professionalism gives quality”


In keeping with the Latin maxim: “A good diagnosis is the basis of a good treatment” already at the first visit we encourage to take a panoramic x-ray, which shows the condition of the entire dentition including the temporomandibular joints and the maxillary sinuses.

We perform the pantomographic picture of teeth to assess the general health condition of teeth: the presence of caries, the quality of root canal treatment, the quality of fillings, the presence of inflammatory changes.

At our STARS*dent Wrocław dental clinic you will find comprehensive dental care. We also offer medical tourism and accommodation in our flat in the centre of Wrocław. Our services also include a dental emergency room. If you want your treatment to be conducted by a good dentist? Decide for the STARSdent Wrocław dental clinic!








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we are currently looking for employees for the following positions:

Dental Assistant – Dental Hygienist


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