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We recommend early check-up of the condition of the teeth to every woman planning to enlarge her family. This is extremely important for several reasons.

Dentist and planning pregnancy

The first is that inflammation in the oral cavity makes it difficult to get pregnant! Scientific studies (European Society for Reproduction and Embryology) show that gum disease or bacterial infection (caries) in the mouth is one of the important factors that prolong the efforts to have a baby. Interestingly, dental problems of fathers-to-be can also hinder conception.


A further argument confirming the importance of a dental check-up before a planned pregnancy is that a neglected oral health can seriously harm the unborn child. Caries is a bacterial disease, and an infected tooth is a source of spreading bacteria into the future mother’s bloodstream and thus into the baby’s body. There is therefore a risk of dangerous complications such as premature contractions and birth, or low birth weight of the baby. Similar risks apply to the occurrence of periodontal and gum diseases in the pregnant woman, as well as tartar deposits themselves. It is therefore very important not only to treat all carious lesions before conception, but also to perform professional oral hygiene (removal of tartar and deposits).

Dental treatment of pregnant women

What about dental treatment for women who are already pregnant? A visit to the dentist should be compulsory in this case. Unfortunately, the period of pregnancy is not good for teeth. Hormonal changes occurring during that time cause PH changes in saliva, which facilitates the development of microorganisms and thus increases the risk of caries, inflammation of oral mucosa and periodontitis. The inflamed gums are swollen and bleeding – this in turn causes mothers-to-be to neglect daily oral hygiene – and this further contributes to an increase in the number of pathogenic microorganisms and an exacerbation of the symptoms of inflammation. Morning nausea and vomiting (gastric acids destroy the enamel), frequent eating, snacking, especially on sweet and sour foods – these are other factors that also have a negative effect on the dental health of the mother-to-be and, most importantly, pose a threat to the safety of the pregnancy and the foetus.

Pregnant women are recommended to have their oral health checked periodically. During the 9 months of pregnancy the future mother should visit the dentist at least twice, preferably once every 3 months. Professional oral hygiene (removal of tartar deposits and plaque – scaling and sandblasting) should be carried out at least twice during pregnancy. If caries is diagnosed during a dental check-up, it should also be treated.

We invite all future mums to check the condition of their teeth with our specialists!

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